Nounish DAO Spectrum

A spectrum where on the left it is specific thing (bad for DAO), on the right is memes (good for DAOs) The Nounish DAO Spectrum.

The Nouns DAO model appears to be best applied when primarily anchored on a meme. For Nouns it is the ⌐◨-◨ (noggles) symbol.

This can mean a meme in the full extent of the word, including ideas and concepts and ideologies. The Nouns DAO would suggest that this works best when there is a core symbol that can be anchored on.

By being exceptionally broad, the model maximizes the total amount of contributors and participants that the meme may resonate with. It also maximizes the amount of things the DAO can do since it's so open to interpretation.

Illustrating the full meaning of memes: ideas, cultures, styles, behaviors and symbols. Memes are much more than just funny images.

Attempting to apply a Nounish DAO to an extremely specific instance of a thing may be at odds with the model, since it limits the number of participants and interpretations for what the DAO could do together. If you are wanting to create a Nouns DAO for a thing, create it around the idea of the thing instead. This means that the DAO can be in a position to fund multiple competing instances and interpretations of the idea, instead of being anchored on just one point of view. This sets up the DAO to benefit to the full extent of the model.

This is an interesting construct because oftentimes the originator of the idea may be correct, but their application of the idea is incorrect. In the case that the DAO is created on the application of it, the DAO will likely fail. In the case it was created on the idea itself, then the DAO may continue to flourish on one of the multiple applications of the idea.

As we start to see an increasing number of experiments, iterations and applications of the Nouns model with tools like Nouns Builder it will be fascinating to enquire and inspect where the model objectively works and where it doesn't—and if this spectrum is indeed true or not.

Thanks to Brian for the conversation that directly inspired this spectrum and article.

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